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Planning Your Elevator Pitch Down to the Word

When you’re at a networking event, conference, or mingling with friends you are bound to be asked what you do for a living. This is your chance to pitch yourself and your business.

Being able to clearly and confidently deliver your elevator pitch will increase the positive impact you have on prospective customers.

You don’t have to be a natural born presenter or salesperson to sell yourself. Plan and prepare your elevator pitches, so that when you’re presented with an opportunity you’re ready to deliver effectively.

Prepare Several Versions of your Pitches for Different Situations

The In-person pitch

This is a more formal presentation about your business given to one or more people.

The phone pitch

The phone pitch is a variation of the formal presentation designed for cold calling or following up on inquiries.

  • pitching to buy the next 3 seconds before someone hangs up
  • can include email version for online marketing

The elevator pitch

The clear and concise description of your business for informal situations such as social gathering and events. Imagine being in an elevator with only a few floors of time to explain what you do.

  • Skip the jargon, simply your vocabulary
  • Get to the point!

Be flexible, honest, and organized

The fundamental ingredients are a full understanding of your business, and as much knowledge as possible about the interests of your listeners. Yes, your pitch is about you, but it’s also about them—what they do, what they need, and whether there’s a way you can help.

Be flexible. If your pitch it too tightly scripted, an unexpected question or distraction may throw you off track. Being aware of your listeners and surroundings will make it easier to answer or defer questions, or take up a new conversation thread of more interest to your listener.

Be honest. Avoid the temptation to tell prospective customers everything they want to hear, as you may not be capable of following through.

Be organized. The first 30 seconds determines whether you capture your listener’s attention. You have far less time for phone calls and conversations. You want your pitch to have a logical order, with a defined beginning and conclusion.

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s important that you practice. Delivery is everything when pitching. With PitchPal you can practice your pitch with people who can provide honest and fair feedback. PitchPal also provides you with the tools to analyze your pitch in real-time and gives you the ability find filler words, hesitations, and other areas you can improve.